Women Can’t Design Games, Duh…

May 9, 2011


Reader allen sent me a link to this lovely fucking thread over on TIGSource.  When you start a thread with: I have yet to see a girl game designer. It seems rather od that there are close to none out there.  you can only go up, right?  If the starting poster can’t even bother with […]

SHOCKER: Gamers Still Racist/Sexist/Homophobic Assholes.

April 19, 2011


I think it’s been pretty well established here that gamers can’t really deal with women or people of different races, but what happens when you are both, and you happen to be good at games? Meet BurnYourBra, an African American woman who also happens to be pretty good at Super Street Fighter IV. In a […]

Destructoid Provides So Much Useless Text

April 15, 2011


Where to begin with this giant piece of stinking shit? Ostensibly a preview of The Witcher 2, this article goes on way too long, says some amazingly stupid things in confoundedly idiotic ways, and just is perfectly emblematic of the level of quality usually present when gamers are told to write something about their hobby of choice. Amazingly stupid […]

Alex Mahan: A Study In Gamer Embarassment.

April 11, 2011


This guy is Alex Mahan.  We became aware of him due to the previously posted article on Bulletstorm.  And here is why he is way more embarrassing than we could’ve imagined. He lists himself as an ‘LA Video Game Babes Examiner”, which is something no one should ever list themselves as.  He apparently writes copious […]

“The heroine of Bulletstorm almost had giant breasts”

April 8, 2011


There is just so much wrong in this article.  The character shown here, Trischka, is from Bulletstorm, which is not a game anyone should look to for anything progressive, least of all in terms of sexuality.  And yet, we get the revelation of this little article, that she would’ve been much more “stereotypical” a gamer […]

Horrible Nerds Being Horrible

April 5, 2011


or “IGN’s Hunt for the Most Embarassing Amateur Game Designer” There is so much here to notice really, but the weird undertone of misogyny that persists for most of the video makes its breakthrough around 2:45. Classic quotes: “Women can’t handle nature.” “They do what they’re good at; they over react.” “She got 35 years […]

Dragon Age II Vs. Straight Male Gamers

March 29, 2011


OK, so this is going to be a lot of reading, but let’s do this. Start right here. The title of the post (BioWare neglected their main demographic: The Straight Male Gamer) should tip you off about the large amounts of embarrassing bulshit contained within.  Seriously, he is actually complaining that Bioware may have made a […]