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March 8, 2011


Check it out, y’all.  I made it! (Sorta.) (OK, not really.) This is great stuff.  I don’t write long enough posts here?  I would think that is because most of this shit is just so damn embarrassing that there is little that can be said about it, but apparently not!  I mean, this guy does […]

Oh Shit, Trenchbloat Wuz Here.

January 31, 2011


Ha, behold as I call Trenchbloat out over Twitter for, well, basically just being Trenchbloat, and he gets all up in arms about shit, eventually admitting he isn’t a journalist (he isn’t, he is a PR mouthpiece at best) and calling me a “weird stalker” for noticing shit he puts on his own site, and […]