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I Think Someone Thinks About Zelda Too Much.

March 29, 2011


Specifically, this girl, who goes by the youtube handle meekakitty, and who made this video. There are two parts to this thing that need to get broken down. First, the song/music video itself.  So, if you ever played Ocarina, you know that Navi, the protagonist of this piece of pop drivel, is a tiny fairy. […]

Who Is The Hottest Female Game Character? Because That Is What Matters.

March 15, 2011


Not the quality of the games, or even what having (some of) these characters exist says about gamers and their sexual issues.  So we get this: The thing I have come to appreciate in making this site is the layers of embarrassment in so much of gamer culture.  Here we have a video in which […]

This Could End Us, Right Here.

March 5, 2011


This might be the omega of gamer embarrassment.  Submitted by 21thcenturysong: I don’t really think I can handle this.  Someone made a Katy Perry song worse, and I am sure they would say “achievement unlocked”.  Out loud.  There is so much embarrassing gamer shit here (including the assumption that you can’t possibly date anyone who isn’t […]

I Can Only Hope When She Gets Older, She Knows How Horribly Embarrassing This Is.

March 1, 2011


    Apparently this girl has a whole channel of this stuff.  Youtube has allowed gamers to make series of videos that specifically highlight just how embarrassing they are.  The good news (for this site at least) is that they do a really great job of it.  And, as a bonus, she does the stupid […]

Another Embarrassing "Girl Gamer".

February 11, 2011


Remember War Princess?  Well, the same series that brought us her horribly unself-aware exploration of the various issues of gamers and women brings us this: Oh boy! Let’s just break this down: Annoying gamer #1: Kids.  Proposed Solution: Some kind of voice filter to test for not having a whining voice, which ignores that many […]

So This Is What Girls Want, Apparently.

February 7, 2011


Let’s say you are a woman, and you want to play games.  You know what you need? Evil Controllers’ new “Pink Camo” controller, part of the new “Girl Gamer” bundle.  Because you obviously (as a girl) must love the color pink, but you are also the type that like to “destroy the competition” so it […]


January 17, 2011


Game Crush is a thing that actually exists. It is a site built around gamers wanting to literally pay a woman to play a videogame with them.  That is its sole purpose, and apparently it is doing well enough that it has continued to exist for a good chunk of time now. It might be […]