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Always Bet On Shitty Rape Jokes

June 15, 2011


In case you didn’t know, the Chinese Democracy of gaming, Duke Nukem Forever, has somehow managed to escape its way into the public, and it’s pretty horrible.  Reviews have complained about it being boring/playing like it was made in 1998/etc.  But they have also complained about this (skip to about 56 seconds in): Holy shit. […]

The Beginning Of What I Am Sure Will Be A Shitload Of Embarrassing E3 Shit.

June 7, 2011


E3 happened, and like all years that E3 happens in, we should be reminded of what a horrible embarrassing hobby we have.  I say this not out of any sense of personal shame, because fuck it, it’s my hobby and I will probably never fully stop doing it, but out of this desire that maybe, […]

Oh, Hey, In Case You Thought Game Developers Weren’t Just Embarassing Fucking Gamers Too…

January 30, 2011


David Jaffe, the creator of the horribly embarrasing shitfest God of War games, has you covered right here  No really, this is just sad.  Destructoid’s reporting on it is just their normal parade fo sadness as well, so don’t worry.