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Screw Attack Find Out What Is More Embarrassing Than E3

June 16, 2011


You know what might be more embarrassing than the shit shown at E3?  Gamers talking about the shit shown at E3.  Endless debates over who “won” (it’s a fucking giant advertising event for expensive and completely impractical toys; nobody who isn’t heavily invested in like five giant companies wins at all) compete with silly retrospectives […]

The Beginning Of What I Am Sure Will Be A Shitload Of Embarrassing E3 Shit.

June 7, 2011


E3 happened, and like all years that E3 happens in, we should be reminded of what a horrible embarrassing hobby we have.  I say this not out of any sense of personal shame, because fuck it, it’s my hobby and I will probably never fully stop doing it, but out of this desire that maybe, […]

Alex Mahan: A Study In Gamer Embarassment.

April 11, 2011


This guy is Alex Mahan.  We became aware of him due to the previously posted article on Bulletstorm.  And here is why he is way more embarrassing than we could’ve imagined. He lists himself as an ‘LA Video Game Babes Examiner”, which is something no one should ever list themselves as.  He apparently writes copious […]

“The heroine of Bulletstorm almost had giant breasts”

April 8, 2011


There is just so much wrong in this article.  The character shown here, Trischka, is from Bulletstorm, which is not a game anyone should look to for anything progressive, least of all in terms of sexuality.  And yet, we get the revelation of this little article, that she would’ve been much more “stereotypical” a gamer […]

Who Is The Hottest Female Game Character? Because That Is What Matters.

March 15, 2011


Not the quality of the games, or even what having (some of) these characters exist says about gamers and their sexual issues.  So we get this: The thing I have come to appreciate in making this site is the layers of embarrassment in so much of gamer culture.  Here we have a video in which […]

This Could End Us, Right Here.

March 5, 2011


This might be the omega of gamer embarrassment.  Submitted by 21thcenturysong: I don’t really think I can handle this.  Someone made a Katy Perry song worse, and I am sure they would say “achievement unlocked”.  Out loud.  There is so much embarrassing gamer shit here (including the assumption that you can’t possibly date anyone who isn’t […]

Valentine’s Day: A Time For Lonely Embarrassing Gamers To Mod Games

February 21, 2011


In case you didn’t know, Valentine’s Day happened recently.  It’s kinda a thing for a lot of people.  People buy flowers or chocolates for the ones they love, or take them out to dinner.  That kind of thing.  But at one lovely embarrassing gamer site, run by the ever reliable IGN, has a new way […]