Gamers are embarrassing. Face it. If you play video games much, and visit anywhere on the internet concerning video games, you know. You’ve seen bad cosplay, horrible tattoos, terrible in-jokes/quotes that spuoted ad nauseum, and so on.

It doesn’t have to be this way. There’s nothing inherently embarrassing about games. OK, maybe being 35 and playing something built for a 12 year old is a little embarrassing, but it doesn’t mean you have to make it worse.

This is a site dedicated to finding embarrassing gamers and highlighting them for the world in the vain hope that maybe this site will eventually run out of material.

I doubt that it ever will.

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  1. Thank you, sincerely, for contributing to my ever eroding belief in there existing a “gamer” collective identity I have to implicitly and explicitly be a part of if I own and play games. There is a horrible knot of embarrassment and shame as I, new to your site, look over its contents. When it unwinds though, I’ll be better off for it I’m sure.

    In short: great site, thanks for doing this.

  2. The more I read this site, the more I realize that it’s a waste of my time and energy. Yes, there are some gamers who are embarassing. Yes, there are some gamers who exhibit horrible personality traits. You can find these traits in any group who enjoys whatever they’re doing. See also, every sport. See also, plenty of movies. See also, plenty of TV shows. Anything that people enjoy and can identify with, you’re going to have people who go beyond what most people see as the boundaries. But your response reminds me of fourth grade. Complete with the joy of finding out what the work fuck means and using it in every possible way. I am a gamer. I have been a gamer for just about all of my life, meaning that once I figured out that pressing this button made Mario jump, I was hooked. I also have a complete lack of respect for people who are derogatory, moronic, short-sighted, or holier-than-thou. This website has no point other than to let you transfer whatever anger/aggression/annoyance you have in your real life and point it at people online who don’t care what you think, all so you don’t have to deal with your real life issues. My suggestion, find what’s not working the way you want it to in real life and make your moves to correct it, either by fixing it or getting rid of it.

    You don’t have a right to be treated a certain way. You have the right to not be physically harmed while pursuing whatever you do. And just like that means you’ll have lots of idiots in game who use every offensive term because there’s no downside besides being blocked, it means you can come on here and say what you like. I’ll treat you the same way I treat the idiots in game. Tell them, once, why they’re being blocked. And then never have to see/deal with them again.

    For the record, I’m straight, white, and male. I’m fairly certain you’ll catagorize me as “Just plain stupid”, “Cant’ deal with women”, “Can’t deal with race”, and fifty-five other labels that you’ll find hilarious. Not that you’ll have a reason to, but just because you can.

    • There is so much to laugh about here. Passive aggressiveness rules!

      “Hey,” he says “everyone does this so why point it out?” as if that is some kind of excuse.

      Gotta love that he thinks this is due to some sort of other “real life issue”, not the general amusement/horror at all the horrible, stupid, embarrassing shit that gamers put out there on the net.

      Actually, hell, I do have a real life issue: I have to deal with embarrassing fucking gamers far more often than I would like.

      I can’t categorize comments, or I would make one up for you called “can’t deal with this site and want it to end because I think I am right about everything and you should comply with what I want because I am most important”.

  3. Well no shit you’ll never run out of material. It’s nothing about gamers it’s that so many people play video games (and that number keeps increasing) that odds are you’ll get a lot of jerks. I’m reminded of all the blogs that catalog all the horrible crimes done by [group of people] to convince people that [same group] are all evil horrible people.

    • “Other groups do bad things too so our group isn’t bad” and “With a big group, you are going to have bad shit”.

      Neither of these is a valid excuse for or reply to the never-ending wave of embarrassing gamer crap, just so you know.

      Or, like with your other comment:

      Hahaha. Oh OK. Sure.

  4. All your site is, is giving away free ammo to people who want to hate on all gamers and want to treat them all as immature. That’s all. It could be a site run by Jack Thompson (if Thompson were a bit more coherent).

    • Maybe there wouldn’t be so much ammo for people to claim “gamers are immature” if gamers weren’t so fucking immature. Think about this a bit. I am not saying games are bad, or even that most gamers are bad, though thanks for trying to compare me to Thompson. Pretty funny stuff, and you are doing a great job of being an embarrassing gamer.

      • Ok I’ll make this simple. You know all those sites that catalog all the horrible things blacks, whites or Muslims do (no matter how obscure) to try to convince readers that blacks/whites/Muslims are all evil? If Thompson ran one of those it would look exactly like this. I’m not saying you’re like him but this site is like you’re doing his work for him.

      • Holy shit I have no idea what to even do with what you just wrote. That is just fucking amazing in more ways than I can say. Needless to say, it is a pretty good embodiment of classic embarrassing gamer.

  5. How many more Ratty posts can we get here?

    or more accurately:

    How many more Ratty posts can we get before I just delete them all?

  6. uhhhh i agree with you that there are Issues in gamer culture re sexism/homophobia/racism/misogyny but

    this whole, this whole site thing is seriously ‘uhhh’ you dig

    i mean like maybe you could sculpt the huge drifts of ressentiment into sculptures or something

    i dont know if you care what i think but this all just comes off as really angry and weird and i think grouping dudes who dress up as vidya people into the same category as a dude who wants to feed a human labia to his dog is potentially overstating ones case

    plus ‘are embarrassing’ is kind of ‘appeal to ridicule’ and i dont know if that is especially healthy for any kind of reform as per your stated goals, i mean the people you hate are very much capable of same and very skilled in it and hardened to it as a result of their using it on each other and the many other people trying what you are, so… (and also appeal to ridic. has a kind of storied pedigree)
    plus also this whole singling out dudes (while i sympathize in the case of those who are sexist/homophobic/racist/misogynist) and putting together crosslinked posts on their various transgressions etc has a kind of ‘creepy’ Dramatica/4chan/Chris-Chan-stalking-industry vibe to it which renders the taste of the whole venture bitter IMHO
    just this ‘creepy taste of the pillory ‘ about it and your following of people who seem to delight more in the hurt reactions you provoke than in any real issues you may or may not address does not help, i do not think you are trolling but they make the whole thing look trollish and that allows people to dismiss it.
    also people can dismiss a person’s opinion if they are pretty sure that person is going to hate them unless they become a completely different dude, and if you feel set upon by hostile Others it is very easy to retract into a social sphere that does not hurt which is why ‘persecution’ doesn’t really work to destroy cultures you do not like

    plus also and some people have fun in weird ways and thats ok, people cant help how they look, Who Are We To Say, a bunch of mr rogers crap you probably dont care about etc, if i keep reading this blog i will just find more dumb stream of consciousness shit to say* so bye

    *re jane mcgonigall article music is very important etc etc
    *also i keep wanting to go back to the ‘appeal to embarrassment thing b/c i am a gay dude and it kind of Resonates a little

    here is a wall of text have a great day

  7. i mean this NSFW italy GLBT pride woman looks like a character from a video game and i dont see you blogging about that

    damn i should really shut up huh

    • Nah, it is cool. I appreciate the comments. Your comments do get at what I have been trying to figure out lately, which is the tone of this site. On one hand, there are a lot of just embarrassing gamers out there who I really just think are worthy of laughing at (cosplayers and so on). Not even really worthy of scorn or anything just a “Oh, haha, OK, you are embarrassing, but hell, you do that so go ahead.” Sometimes I am a bit hard on these people, as I do see them being part of why non-gamers can be so dismissive of the hobby, but really, people like the Zelda girl aren’t harming anyone; they’re just making us cringe.

      Then there are the more serious problems (homophobia/sexism/racism/etc.) that are actually worthy of scorn and should be fixed. I like talking about these on the site, in that it is an opportunity to examine gamer culture and try to actually improve it. I don’t actually think I can personally improve it all by my lonesome, but it’s at least worth a try.

      The unfortunate thing (and what causes lots of problems for me as author of this site) is that there is a lot of overlap between the two. Jim Sterling is a great example of this. he does things like pose with giant plastic swords (which is the first type of embarrassing) while also claiming to be a feminist despite not understanding basic concepts like privilege and objectification (which is the second). So this causes some blurring of the lines, and causes me trouble.

      Anyhow, that was all a long way of saying I appreciate the comments, and I encourage more of them.

  8. thank you, you are way more reasonable than i hoped, v cool

    also i would maybe consider that H/M/R/S Issues are a thing of the culture in general and of course you are gonna find that shit in a ‘medium’ or medium of that cultures expression and possibly attempting to deal with those Issues by confronting symptoms of them is like trying to treat a flu with a pack of tums, i mean yeah these deck chairs are pretty ugly but what of the ship but then idk jack shit about ‘web’ activism so maybe you know what youre doing

    maybe im being dumb/weird about the whole ’embarrassment thing’ but like were i ’embarrassed’ about half the shit i have been taught to be i would be Unhappy and Unable to Function

    also i would question why non gamers being ‘dismissive of the hobby” matters much, people are gonna be dismissive of a whole lot of shit and with a whole lot of that shit you will never affect their views in any useful or even significant way and the only thing to do is to do your thing and patiently wait for them to die off

    thank you for your time

  9. People get so uptight about everything… The guy is just pointing out the boneheaded things plenty of gamers say and/or do over the web. And to be honest, he’s not even doing it in a mean way… To compare him to Jack Thompson is ridiculous. Jack Thompson promotes pseudoscience to garner support for his right-wing political agenda. Video games just happen to be his particular avenue for doing so. Personally, I think Jack Thompson is a moron, but after reading some of the outlandish, and borderline sociopathic, comments that some gamers have offered in response to the punishment for those involved in the Playstation Network outage, I have to say some gamers just make Mr. Thompson’s job a lot easier.

    Many – no, a majority – of the comments on this particular site that I won’t name were calling for the death penalty, hoping those involved got raped in prison, and basically rationalizing other inhumane behavior because they couldn’t use their PS3 for online gaming/shopping for a couple of weeks. Of course, it’s not like there are any single-player/local multiplayer experiences to be had on the $400-500 console… Oh wait. And one idiot had the nerve to say that the issue was more important then capture of Osama Bin Laden. Damn. Self-centered gamer entitlement at its worst. The guys who brought down the PSN deserve to be punished, severely, but death and rape? Really? Because you didn’t have your online multiplayer? Jeez, I feel like a real survivor now for suffering through the 80’s and 90’s…


  10. Father Time

    June 24, 2011

    Every time you call Jim Sterling “trenchbloat” it sounds like you’re hating on him for being fat.

    Something which is kind of embarrassing.

    • Yeah, it is, and I don’t mean to hate on him for being fat, actually. What I do mean to hate on is him doing the typical nerd thing of wearing baggy clothes and a trench coat to cover up his body instead of dealing with it. It’s a sad thing, really, and it doesn’t hide anything, just making it more obvious. Should I probably drop it? Yeah, and I might, but I genuinely bristle with annoyance whenever I see his clothes. Yes, it is a nitpick-y thing and such, but ugh.

  11. God, you are really hateful and ignorant. Bloggers are embarrassing.

    • Hateful of what? Horrible being behaving horribly? Yup, guilty as charged.

      Ignorant of what? How people can excuse such horrible behavior? Again, totally guilty.

      • You are hateful of people you’ve never interacted with, don’t understand, and don’t want to. You try to make everyone fit into your nice little categories of good and bad, and you seem to be completely blind to the fact that you might be wrong.

        You are ignorant of the majority of what you post about. “I’ve never played this game but HOLY FUCK IS IT EVER HORRIBLE AND EVERYONE WHO LIKES IT IS ALSO HORRIBLE.” There’s a sentiment I’ve seen time and time again on this blog.

        Basically you are guilty of the same mindless hate that you preach against.

      • Tany, you make a lot of really funny assumptions about me there. First off, that I don’t understand gamers, which is pretty amusing, since I’ve been palying games now for around 25 years, and known people who play games of all types, let alone just “gamers”. Find me one person I have highlighted on this site who isn’t “wrong” in the way I have written about, and you might have a point, but you can’t, so you don’t.

        I’ve never said everyone who likes a horrible game is horrible. However, if they defend a horrible game (such as DNF) from very true accusations of shittiness, well, yes, then they become horrible too.

        I am not guilty of mindless hate like you accuse, simply because I actively want change. I want games to be better. I want games to be less embarrassing. And I certainly want gamers to do the same.

      • If that really is the case, I’m glad that you aren’t mindlessly hating. I also want to see more diversity, maturity and equality in the gaming community.

        I can only make judgements based on your opinions that I read, since I don’t know you in person, and based on some of the ”Fucking gamers, they’re all a bunch of sexist, boring losers” opinions you expressed, I came to the conclusion that you were a hateful hypocrite. I’m happy to have been wrong.

  12. Tim Henman

    December 6, 2011

    Dude, reply to me. Do you think that in 10, 20 or maybe 30 years there’s going to be mass suicides after they released they sunk way way too much time into gaming or are these people going to carry this weird, obsessive gaming attitude to their graves?


  13. Tim Henman

    December 6, 2011

    I mean realised.

  14. This blog is what you get when you teach a stupid cunt how to set up a blog.

  15. Hey, good for you for putting this site together. I know you’re going to get a lot of flak for putting this together, but it’s worth it. Gaming is changing and it has the potential to truly change the way the world works. There’s obviously a lot of hyperbole there, but I still believe it to some degree. If gaming is ever going to grow to produce truly amazing art then, we as a culture need to address some core problems that exist in our culture. Racism is significant in our culture, Sexism is pervasive in our culture. Homophobia? Just look at the fan reactions against mass effect 3. I hate it when gamers act like children, and I hope that in the future, we can move forward.


  16. gerhri6

    May 15, 2012

    This blog really needs to be kept alive.


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