Wow, Steam Sales Bring Out Some Shitty People

Posted on July 13, 2011



Clearly, this is only $2.50 worth of gaming.

Have you played Terraria?  I have, and it is a darn good time.  I gladly payed my ten bucks for it, and haven’t looked back.

This past week, when Steam was having its annual “We Hate Your Wallet” sale, Terraria was on sale.  Apparently, it was only supposed to drop as low as 50% off, meaning $5.00.  Considering how many hours I have sunk into this game, that is a great deal right there.  However, at some point, some number got fangled up in a Steam spreadsheet, and for about five hours, the game only cost $2.50.

One of the three (yes,3!) people who work for Re-Logic, the game’s developer, noticed this, contacted Steam, and Steam fixed it.  No big deal, right?

“Wrong!” shouts the entitled gamer.

What the fuck?  The best thing about this is the extreme lengths people in this thread are willing to go to justify their rage and/or punish Re-Logic (again, a  company of three people who didn’t screw up here at all).  You get to a point in the thread where the gamers start complaining that they put the game in their cart, but by the time they checked out, the price had gone up.

Which is so incredibly unlikely that I can’t help but say “Bullshit!”  And yet, rage on they do.  Rage away, entitled gamer.