Who Needs Love When You Can Have Videogames?

Posted on June 1, 2011


Reader and previous contributor RobotRocker gave me the image I posted on the Twitter recently, and sent the following explanation:

This is it, we have finally found the most pathetic post on the internet [ed. for the moment, never underestimate them gamers]. Over at Eurogamer, they reposted a story from the Daily Mail regarding video games being cited as a reason for divorce proceedings. Other than both Eurogamer and the Daily Mail having some extremely sloppy journalism as usual, the comments section was particularly ripe.  Here there emerged a person very enraged who wroate a post so selfish and reeking of nerd entitlement that we had to double check that Tim Buckley did not write it.

He didn't really write this, did he?

Someone just tried to justify, on the internet, that he does not want to be in a relationship because she won’t play videogames with him.  Let that sink in for a minute. This guy is so entirely bitter about watching a TV show with his girlfriend/wife  for about two hours every Saturday night complains that she is not interested in video games and therefore not good enough for him.

Incredible. Someone who you love and probably loves you back not particularly interested in your hobby? Clearly, she is a completely horrible person who DESERVES to be alone.

Someone doesn’t get that relationships are about compromise and doing things that sometimes aren’t the most pleasant (and watching a crappy reality TV show is honestly incredibly low on that scale).

But nothing stops gamer entitlement. Not even love.