“How Can We Belittle EVERY Civil Rights Movement in One Fell Swoop AND Show Off Our Tech-Savvy Privilege at the Same Time?”

Posted on May 23, 2011


A "right to enjoy them"? WHAT. THE. FUCK.

You know who really needs an advocate in the modern world?  People who have enough money to waste that they can throw it away on overpriced entertainment, but feel somehow they are oppressed in their ability to enjoy themselves properly.  These people have a RIGHT TO ENJOYMENT, don’t they?

We really need to find some advocacy group that can really defend these poor, beleaguered gamers and really stand up for this underrepresented minority.  Who can do that?

Enter the Gamer’s Voice, or these people:

This is the group that will defend your "right to enjoy" your overpriced luxury items, you shithead.

While a bit of their site seems devoted to some minor consumer advocacy (how to replace your faulty games, which is OK enough, sure), a lot of it is dedicated to shit like the “right to enjoy games”.

Here’s a hint, people:  You have no “right to enjoy” anything.  Your enjoyment of something is completely of your own free will.  Now, if they meant “right to purchase”, they might have an argument, assuming they were getting at issues of censorship and such in the marketplace.  But once you a buy a game, you can do what you want with it, be that enjoy it or not.

However, framing all of this as some sort of civil rights issue is just belittling to the actual civil rights issues out there entirely.  Games are not a right at all, but are a privilege.  Yeah, they are one that I and a lot of other people take part in, but at the end of the day, if we don’t have games, not a single fucking one of us will have lost any sort of rights at all.  Compared to the various ways actual oppressed people the world over are treated, not having games and “enjoyment” is a pretty minor fucking complaint, don’t you think?