Women Can’t Design Games, Duh…

Posted on May 9, 2011


Holy shit, this might be a female game designer.

Reader allen sent me a link to this lovely fucking thread over on TIGSource.  When you start a thread with:

I have yet to see a girl game designer. It seems rather od that there are close to none out there. Embarrassed

you can only go up, right?  If the starting poster can’t even bother with Google, someone will take care of it, right?  There are quite a few after all, many of whom have made major contributions to all types of games, from major studio releases like Portal (Kim Swift) to smaller (and no less wonderful) indie games (such as Anna Anthropy).

And while some of the members of the TIGSource forums step up and handle this business, it is not without some major fucking bumps along the way such as:

There are a few, but at least half of them were born male. Don’t know if that makes a difference.

Protip: It doesn’t.  Gamers rarely understand how gender works, though.  And make no bones about sharing their completely misinformed opinions.  Which leads into such nuggets of wisdom as:

My philosophy is such… Do you have a vagina? Can you give birth to a baby? Then you are a woman. Can you impregnate a woman? Then you are a man.

None of this has anything to do with game development or such, however. Any gender segregation outside of natural roles is pointless..

Ya hear that people?  If you are trans, or happen to be infertile, or happen to have gone through menopause, etc., YOU HAVE NO GENDER.  Humans are obviously completely driven by only one purpose, reproduction, and so your value as such is attributable only to how much you contribute to that purpose.

There are even a few rational voices occassionally in that thread, but man, that does not make idiots like the above-quoted look any less idiotic.