SHOCKER: Gamers Still Racist/Sexist/Homophobic Assholes.

Posted on April 19, 2011


I think it’s been pretty well established here that gamers can’t really deal with women or people of different races, but what happens when you are both, and you happen to be good at games?

Meet BurnYourBra, an African American woman who also happens to be pretty good at Super Street Fighter IV.

BurnYourBra is on the left.

In a recent interview published over at EventHubs, This player reveals all the variety of things she has been called over the course of her brief career as a competitive fighting gamer.  It’s some pretty horrific stuff that I don’t want to reprint here, but suffice it so say, it’s horribly racist/sexist/homophobic/all of the above.

And all because she can beat some ass at a fighting game.  What the hell?

I genuinely feel pretty shitty for what this person has to put up with, and that she even has to try to tolerate it.  But, if you think this is abnormal or something, Kotaku has you covered on that front.  Commenter Demosthenes does a good job of being one shameful fuckhead, and pretty much proving how shitty gamers can be.

Thanks to reader moseslmpg for the tip.