Alex Mahan: A Study In Gamer Embarassment.

Posted on April 11, 2011


Here he is, in all of his glory.

This guy is Alex Mahan.  We became aware of him due to the previously posted article on Bulletstorm.  And here is why he is way more embarrassing than we could’ve imagined.

He lists himself as an ‘LA Video Game Babes Examiner”, which is something no one should ever list themselves as.  He apparently writes copious amounts about the various “babes” in gaming.  Apparently hundreds of articles dedicated to various women in gaming, from all facets of the embarrassing gamer world, from horrible figurines to cosplay to just “appreciating” in-game models.

There’s just so much to cover here, and I can’t even begin to scratch the surface.  This guy is pretty much single-handedly illustrating every fucked up aspect of how gamer men deal with women, and he keeps doing it.  Feel free to come up with favorite examples in the comments.

He also apparently goes by the internet handle “EvaXephon”, if you feel like finding out more.  It’s not going to make you happy at all.