“The heroine of Bulletstorm almost had giant breasts”

Posted on April 8, 2011


Actual caption from original: "This character would have had larger breasts if it weren't for one meddling producer."

There is just so much wrong in this article.  The character shown here, Trischka, is from Bulletstorm, which is not a game anyone should look to for anything progressive, least of all in terms of sexuality.  And yet, we get the revelation of this little article, that she would’ve been much more “stereotypical” a gamer female character, and had even larger breasts and so forth, had it not been for the intervention of one of the game’s female producers.

OK, so far that is fine, until you read the article, which whines that the version now is not “ideal” and that because this producer “meddled”, “gamers would be able to admire his vision of the most ideal-looking woman.”

In case you have any doubts about the horrible objectification of women the gamer author of this article is capable of, we get this little gem to close it out.

Confidence may be attractive, but it will never be able to capture as much attention as big, jiggling, bouncing, swaying breasts.