Dragon Age II Vs. Straight Male Gamers

Posted on March 29, 2011


OK, so this is going to be a lot of reading, but let’s do this.


Start right here.

The title of the post (BioWare neglected their main demographic: The Straight Male Gamer) should tip you off about the large amounts of embarrassing bulshit contained within.  Seriously, he is actually complaining that Bioware may have made a game with some audience in mind other than straight male gamers.  He laments that he even has to specify that, as previously he could have just said “fans”.  He gets mad that a few of the companions are meant to appeal to gay men or straight/gay women.  Then he complains of, I shit you not, the lack of a “No Homosexuality” option.  Apparently, the straight women available for him to choose from in this game are to (exact quote) “exotic” for him.

Oh please, Bioware, won’t you pander to my straight boring homophobic racist (let’s just be honest about what “exotic” means) desires for virtual relationships?

Clearly, just no idea what privilege even is.  He even says as much.  He claims privilege lies with the minority in DA2, simply because he feels they are over represented.  I can only barely even laugh at that, as I know how dominant that kind of thinking is.

David Gaider, from Bioware, posts a pretty decent follow up right after Bastal gets done with his whining (and holding The Witcher up as an example of how sexuality should be treated in games, which is the last thing anyone should hold that game up as an exemplar of).  Too bad that, from what I hear, the game is pretty terrible, and the writing is typical Bioware embarrassing, even if it does try to be a bit more inclusive.

Oh well.

For note, this is a good summary of what is wrong with DA2, without even getting to the actual game: