I Think Someone Thinks About Zelda Too Much.

Posted on March 29, 2011


Specifically, this girl, who goes by the youtube handle meekakitty, and who made this video.

There are two parts to this thing that need to get broken down.

First, the song/music video itself.  So, if you ever played Ocarina, you know that Navi, the protagonist of this piece of pop drivel, is a tiny fairy.  An actual in game sprite.  She looks like this:


So, the entire song is based on this glowing ball of light falling in love with Link and yet somehow not being loved back.  That is way too much emotional investment in this glow ball, and speaks to some kinda creepy gamer character identification issues.  And the video has some creepy stuff in it to make that worse, in particular the Ganondorf scene.

Now, that would be embarrassing enough, but Meekakitty had to add an extra layer, you know, for kids. Skip to the end of the song and listen to her rant (with that shitty youtube editing that is so popular these days) about how everyone should’ve played Ocarina of Time because it’s “a freaking classic, people”.  Also note that she calls herself “not a gamer”, which this entire video begs to differ with, and her little rant only entirely disproves this.

And then she says Wind Waker had a really good plot.

Big thanks to Geinou for the submission.

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