Question: Thiago Responds

Posted on March 16, 2011


Thaigo repsonded:

Thanks for the answer.

I want to know your name because I think you are also doind the classic internet toughguy when you are brave enough to post a critic, but not a name to endorse the critic….But then opinions diverge and I am not going to crucify someone with a different opinion.



Hey, Thiago got back to me like a week ago, and I never replied.  So here is my response (a bit late).

I assume you mean I am not “brave enough” to post my name on here, and to answer that: Well, I don’t really care.  My name is pretty easy to find with some Googling (I did this myself to be sure), so if you want to find it, go right ahead.  I did avoid putting it explicitly on here because, having seen a lot of the fallout with Daphny over her brief confrontation with Trenchbloat, I figured it would be best to avoid any random person attacking me for daring to denigrate some sacred cow/person/game.  I just don’t want to deal with it.  However, like I said, Google can give you the answers if you really want them.

As for “not crucify[ing]” me, well, your first letter seemed a thinly veiled attempt at that (calling this my “hobby” and subsequently “sad”), though admittedly, it was a bit weak.

So is my decision not to plaster my name all over here cowardly? Eh, maybe.  But who I am really doesn’t affect how embarrassing this all is.

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