Gamer Priorities Are The Best Priorities

Posted on March 16, 2011


maybe not the time for this

So, maybe you check on the news some times (or not).  If you did, you might’ve picked up on there being a HUGE FUCKING EARTHQUAKE in Japan, causing a HUGE FUCKING TSUNAMI, and leading to lots of hardship and suffering by a lot of people.  It’s incredibly sad, and most of the world that can is trying to do something to help out the thousands whose lives have been affected, and the thousands more who could be affected if the nuclear facilities damaged in this catastrophe happen to meltdown(or worse).

Or, you know, you could be an entitled gamer.

A lot of game development happens in Japan (Sony, Nintendo, Konami, Capcom, etc.) and, due to this massive disaster, a lot of games are being delayed right now.  In this case, Motorstorm: Apocalypse is being delayed.  Now, there are probably a few good reasons for this.  First, you have to imagine that the distribution company responsible for getting the game out was probably negatively affected by this.  Secondly, the game is about, to some extent, racing through the ruins of a civilization that continually experiences earthquakes.  Umm, possibly a little too soon?

Not if you are an entitled gamer.  Choice quote from the NEOGAF thread: “You have to separate real life from entertainment or nothing ever would be released.”  Gamers have this lovely ability to think their chosen hobby has nothing to do with real life at all, and hence it is completely OK for there to be poor taste in all forms, as long as it is fun.

Ugh.  I am sure more gamer rage at those darn insensitive victims of disasters will continue over the coming weeks.

Thanks to RobotRocker for the NEOGAF link and choice quote.