Who Is The Hottest Female Game Character? Because That Is What Matters.

Posted on March 15, 2011


Not the quality of the games, or even what having (some of) these characters exist says about gamers and their sexual issues.  So we get this:

The thing I have come to appreciate in making this site is the layers of embarrassment in so much of gamer culture.  Here we have a video in which the very premise (semi-attractive woman who got noticed for singing a song about a presidential candidate goes around and asks dudes which game characters they think are hot) seems pretty embarrassing, but is somehow outdone by the answers of the guys themselves (Zelda is “not one of those that you want to take behind the trailer, but one you want to marry”).

Add to this that half the gamers interviewed seem to desperately want to hit on their interviewer, and the embarrassment only gets worse.  So many layers.

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