Oh Shit, I Am Messing Up.

Posted on March 7, 2011


You know how I said I might try to lay off of Trenchbloat?  I lied.

ugh fuck you

He actually made a post (called “Not Racist”) that said this:

Pokémon Black and White released today, and you’d be surprised at how many people said they’re opting for White. Obviously, this is utterly racist, as I’m sure you’ve heard 1,000 times on the Internet already today. 

Fortunately, some of us are a bit more socially progressive and are still “down” with the “hoes and tricks.” Thank God somebody is providing a positive example in serious videogame journalism.

Did you get your Pokermanz today? Which color did you get?

Seriously? A post called “Not Racist” full of “ironic” (I’m sure) racist/sexist humor. Oh, and remember, he isn’t a journalist.  He’s just a fucking moron.