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Posted on March 7, 2011




What is your problem? You have the right to do that crazy thing you are doing……..but I would love to know why you spend all this time with somenone you hate?

What he did to you in the past? I hope you find another hobby in the future….because this one is pretty sad.

Nobody asked me to write that….I am only shocked with the situation….



PS. It is good to use your own name when you want to give your opinion.

So I didn’t have an “Ask” feature, so this guy used the “Submit” feature.  I wanted to reply to him, but still post his post, so here it is.  Just note, he wasn’t anonymous; it was just me reformatting his message to work with tumblr, due to me leaving something out.

Moving on, and responding to questions/comments in order of the message.

My problem is that gamers and gaming websites are largely embarrassing, and make me cringe fairly regularly.  I find gaming to be fairly unique in this regard, so I started this here blog to post various things I find particularly cringe inducing.  As for the time it takes, honestly, very little.  I mostly see these things in the course of my usual web browsing, and posting them here takes 10-15 minutes out of my day.  Since usually web browsing is something I do to waste time, this 10-15 minutes is just a different method for wasting time, but at least it is mildly (not really) productive.

As for the “somenone [sp]”, I guess I can assume you mean Jim “Trenchbloat” Sterling.  I do spend a bit too much time on the guy, which is why I haven’t been posting about him lately.  Why focus on him?  Well, in the beginning, it was because he is particularly emblematic of a lot of the most embarrassing aspects of gamers.  He seems to find himself witty and intelligent, without saying anything even remotely witty or intelligent most of the time.  He embodies so much of what is wrong in gamers in terms of gender/sexuality/race issues.  He obviously cares very little about his own personal appearance/hygiene/fitness.  And, to top it off, he is quite voluminous in his posting habits, making him all that much more of a target.

Aside from that, there was the brief discussion he and I had on Twitter, when he did the classic internet toughguy bullshit of blocking me and still talking about me, so that he could feel like he had won some sort of conversation or something.  Who knows?

As for my hobbies, I have quite a few of them, and I wouldn’t even really consider this site as much of one.  I play games a lot (but due to the embarrassment that fuels this site, I am loathe to call myself a “gamer”), but I have other hobbies as well.  Unlike so many of the gamers that I post here, I find there is so much more to do than just play games.

I’m sorry you find this all sad.  I mostly find it funny (though, in my embarrassment, there is always a hint of sadness).

I have no idea why you are shocked by this humble tumblr, but please, continue on in your shockedness.

PS. Why do you care what my name is?

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