We Care About Market Share, Really!

Posted on February 14, 2011


Game journalism can be just as embarrassing as gamers themselves.  Take for example this piece of shit.


Just look at this crap.  Theoretically an editorial about video games to some degree, what this actually is is a screed about the various issues of timing game system releases to capture the most market.  To make it abundantly clear there is no actual journalism involved in any of this, the entire conjecture is based upon PR releases Sony sent out prior to the release of the PS3.  No, really.

Add on top of this some near-incoherent writing, horrible grammar, that horrible header image, and terrible lack of anything approaching an actual thought, and you understand why, according to reader bucketmouse, this “is a shining example of why the phrase ‘game journalism’ can trigger an instant bile response in the reader.”

UPDATE: Thanks to Shenmuer2001 for the updated URL or the article in question.