Trenchbloat Is Still An Idiot. Gamers Are Still Embarrassing.

Posted on February 11, 2011


Somehow, Jim Sterling made an entire video about piracy, and never actually managed to address the core issue of piracy (namely that no material goods are being stolen, and that nobody can successfully demonstrate a correlation between high piracy and loss of sales).

Note the added attempt to hide his fatness in the jacket.

Also, notice his giant strawman, the fake Pirate, who somehow doesn’t know what the actual conversation is about.  And his horrible illogical argument concerning World of Goo (protip: Causation is really hard to prove).  Also, jokes about having sex with boys and raping prostitutes.

Note: I am not necessarily in favor of piracy, but I am in favor of making coherent and logical arguments on either side of the debate, none of which is presented by Trenchbloat.