Another Embarrassing "Girl Gamer".

Posted on February 11, 2011


Remember War Princess?  Well, the same series that brought us her horribly unself-aware exploration of the various issues of gamers and women brings us this:

Oh boy!

Let’s just break this down:

Annoying gamer #1: Kids.  Proposed Solution: Some kind of voice filter to test for not having a whining voice, which ignores that many female voices are in a higher register, and that people can change the tone of their voice pretty easily.

Annoying gamer #2: The Guy That Lives In His Parents’ Basement.  Why is he annoying?  Fuck, that would be something you might want to state, but you won’t.  Instead you will just appeal to cheap stereotype, then move on.  Note: There are a lot of problems with these people, but this video gets nowhere near talking about them.

Annoying gamer #3: The Guy That Makes Fun Of Everyone’s Gamertag.  What?  Then she picks on a made up gamertag, and somehow thinks that solves everything.

Annoying gamer #4: The Guy That Hosts Games Even Though His Connection Sucks.  Again, no solution offered to this one, even though the obvious solution is leave the fucking game.

Annoying gamer #5: The Guy That Plays His Music Over His Headset.  Yeah, this is annoying.  You know what else is annoying? People who don’t know how a mute button/function works.  And of course, more cheap stereotyping in that apparently the only people who like Eminem also like Smirnoff Ice.  I don’t even know where that comes from.

Annoying gamer #6: The Person (wonder why the genderless noun here) That Uses Cheap Weapons To Win Battles.  And here I quote “Just because you are getting more kills, doesn’t mean you are a better player.” Actually, you know, in terms of Deathmatch games, that kinda is what it means.  Assuming the person you are complaining about isn’t actually cheating the game, it’s probably your dumb fault for not knowing how to deal with that particular tactic.

Annoying gamer #7: Guys That Hit On Girl Gamers.  A valid complaint, except then she goes on to do the classic “I’ll gladly talk to you if you beat me at the game” gamer girl flirty crap.  No you won’t, because hopefully you have better things to do with your life than flirt with guys on XBox Live.  Also, note, you would by your own rules have to flirt with AG#6.  

Oh, and lest you think she might’ve at some point near the end gotten to the issue of girls and gamers, there is this text captioning the vid:

Lacey from lists off the 6 types of online gamers that annoy her (and all of us) the most. But don’t worry, she <3s all of you :)”


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