A Masters in Law.

Posted on February 8, 2011


The Penny Arcade debacle continues, unabated by the various half-hearted apologies and withdrawals of the PA crew, and certainly stoked by the various stupid behaviors on the part of a certain segment of their fans.  But oh shit, a MASTERS in LAW just stepped in on this over at fucknopennyarcade.  Check it:

Are you aware that this page violates multiple US laws? Namely, This page is filled with Libel, and possibly defamation, Not to mention slanderous comments towards the creators of Penny Arcade. Now, as a guy with a masters in law, I don’t /usually/ go out of my wa to do things about illogical people on the internet, But I have reported this page to tumblr for breaking its TOS, as well as multiple United States laws, As well as alerted Penny Arcade’s legal representatives. Whether you are angry or not has absolutely no bearing on how unlawful this is. [sic on all of that]

Now, I don’t know a lot about this, but I am going to bet, given the numerous typos, horrible writing, and clear lack of understanding of the law, this particular person has no degree in law.  Also, you know, despite being idiots about this whole affair, I am pretty sure the PA guys have their own lawyers, and if this were the case, said lawyers would probably have already done a thing about it.

So this particular embarrassing gamer wins today’s award for not just for trying to defend the PA crew’s stupidity, but for also trying to use stupid intimidation tactics without actually understanding how they work. 

But, then again, I don’t have a “masters in law” so…