Oh, Shit, Jim Sterling Is The VICTIM In All Of This.

Posted on February 4, 2011


How could we have thought otherwise?  Check out his recent Twitter rant claiming as much (edited into one long post):

“I’m sorry for keeping going on about this, but seeing a few game industry professionals take the side of the cunts is making me sad … Obviously, my comments were not aimed at all women. I never once said women are bad. Just the type of woman represented by who I dealt with.  They opened the conversation with homophobic insults and male-specific slurs, and after a LOT of patience, I responded in kind.  Their version of events leaves out the homophobia or the fact they got in my face and begged for my attention in the first place.  It also leaves out the disproportionate and stupid harassment I’ve had for the past few days, and have mostly done my best to ignore.  If you, as a female or male uninvolved with the discussion, are offended by what I said, then I apologize for that.  Am I sorry for saying it to the person in question? No. Am I sorry for calling our her hypocritical faux-feminism?  No.  And if @feliciaday or @mikeyface still take issue with my stance after that, there’s nothing else I am willing to offer.  I thank the vast majority of you, and Destructoid, for actually sticking up for me here, and realizing the true context of what I did.  And the one thing I am thoroughly sorry for is filling your Twitter feed with this diatribe just now. Won’t happen again. Sorry for that <3.”

There’s some great shit here.  ❤ indeed.  So much “patience” for all those “male-specific slurs”.  Also, let’s note that Jim Sterling was the person who decided Daphaknee was a feminist, not Daphaknee.  So, you know, good job characterizing someone as something they don’t claim to be, and then arguing against that with typical bullshit sexist “humor”.  Nice one, Trenchbloat. 

Bonus: Also, he posted this lovely exchange with Felicia Day, who brings out the most embarrassing in nerd attitudes towards women like magic:

@feliciaday Hi Felicia. You’re acting as if I got in somebody’s face and told her all women are sluts. You’re misrepresenting.

@feliciaday Some people got in my face with homophobic slurs and harassing comments. I fought back. I am sorry if you feel offended somehow.

@feliciaday But it’s quite obvious my attitude was not aimed at ALL women, just the obnoxious bastards involved.

Personally, I am not a fan of Ms. Day (she is quite the embarrassing gamer herself), but holy crap Jim, really?  ”Feminazi”?  You don’t get how that might offend other women?  Jokes about “asking your husband if you can use the computer”?

Double Bonus: I don’t know who is behind Jam Storling, but keep it up.