Yes, I know I Post About Jim Sterling Too Much…

Posted on February 2, 2011


…but let’s face it, this guy:

oh shit.

really IS the beacon of embarrassing gamer shit.

I’ve mostly stayed out of the whole Penny Arcade thing going on right now for a lot of reasons, but mostly it’s that I agree with the anti-dickwolves/anti-rape side of the equation, and I feel it is a pretty serious issue that a joking site like this probably shouldn’t tackle.  

That being said, I will continue to chronicle the various “funny” examples of the predominant rape culture, or how it manifests itself in the world of embarrassing gamers.  Because that shit is incredibly embarrassing, and it happens all the goddamn time.  Bring up the word “feminism” around some gamers, and watch the shit go down.

Or, just read Jim Sterling’s Twitter, and the wonderful Twitter battle between him and the wonderful @daphaknee.  Here is a taste:

oh yes

There is a lot more to it.  Read it all at the respective accounts.  But note some great stuff:

  • Apparently Jim knows a lot about women’s issues but simultaneously has no clue what the fuck he is saying (“I love angry, retarded women who *think* they’re feminists, when they’re just attention whores who don’t understand women’s issues.”)
  • Jim blocks people, then continues to post about them.  He did this with this particular blog, and just did it again with @daphaknee.  So, you know, classic Internet Toughguy.  I win, because you can’t talk to me now.
  • Jim actually uses the term “feminazi slut” and probably fails to realize the term “feminazi” originates with Rush Limbaugh, a beacon of this kind of “men know feminism better than feminists” kind of thinking.
  • Jim is still a fat fucking loser who can’t understand what being a decent human being is.

OK, so I guess that last post is just more self evident, than really anything taken from this conversation.  And maybe this got a little serious.  But really.  Holy shit.

Update: View the whole damn conversation here.