Even TED Is Embarrassing

Posted on January 17, 2011


…or “Epic Meaning: Stop Fucking Saying Epic”

I don’t even really know where to start here, so let’s just go with some timestamped reactions:

@2:35 First but far from only use of “EPIC WIN”.  Stop using that word.  Please?

@3:50 ”In game worlds, we become the best versions of ourselves.”  Someone has clearly never played a Call of Duty game on XBox Live.

@5:20 Regarding World of Warcraft, you get an “epic mission” which “isn’t challenging” at all.  She actually says that.  Think about the word epic.  You know, like epic poetry.  Like the Odyssey.  I am pretty sure Odysseus/Ulysses got challenged a couple times in there.  Maybe. 

@5:45 ”+20 Crazy Idea. I don’t get that feedback in real life” Except that you do, but are too dumb to notice it because all you think about are videogames and videogame numbers.  See people reacting to you in the audience?  That is called feedback.

@5:55 World of warcraft is “just better than reality”. Is it? What the fuck is wrong with you?

@Fuck if I know when ”GAMING VIRTUOSOS”.  That title is the equivalent of being the king/queen of a specific piece of the vacuum of space.  Good job, benevolent ruler of nothing!

@9:55 ”Blissful Productivity”…ugh.

@10:20 “Epic Meaning” HOLY SHIT SHE ACTUALLY SAID THAT WHAT THE FUCK.  Bonus: “Epic knowledge resource”  Double bonus: Fuck you.

@Somewhere near the end of this beast “We are ready for our own epic game” and “Imagine Epic Wins”.  We are ready for this particular person to shut the hell up and imagine her own fiery death, then make it real.

And no, none of that will ever be epic.

Thanks to Auntie Pixelante for the heads up.