PC Gamers Are Entitled Fuckwits.

Posted on January 10, 2011

Read these fucking comments.

Apparently, Deus Ex had lean keys.  I don’t remember, but these guys sure do, and man are they pissed that the new Deus Ex game doesn’t have them.  What it does have is a cover system.  Since this cover system moves you out into third person, it COMPLETELY and TOTALLY trashes immersion, something that never happened in the original game, except in all those conversations that took place in third person, but whatever.

And so, the PC gamers whine.  And whine.  And whine some more.  Because somehow, having liked a game a lot, you are entitled to a game that plays exactly like that one, only new and different but only in the ways you want.  Because fans of games make THE BEST sequels to those games, right?

Yeah, I started two sentences with “because”.  I consider that a good post.

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