Still Waiting on the Non-Embarrassing Gamer Tats.

Posted on January 10, 2011

this is happening.

As the image above will attest to, this is yet another round of HOLY SHIT GAMER TATTOOS ARE EMBARRASSING.

To add to this one, it’s all about “sexy” gamer girl tattoos, so you get to appreciate it on multiple levels.  First, these tattoos are just full of poor decision making and a general lack of foresight.  Secondly, the desire of the various young women to have said pics taken of themselves and their tats and spread all over the internet communicates some major issues.  Finally, the pandering of this site to go through and list the “sexiest” ones for all you gamin’ bros out there is just more of the usual highlighting of the issues of gamers and women (see here).

So much embarrassment…so little self-awareness.

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