How Unself-Aware Can One Embarrassing Gamer Be?

Posted on January 7, 2011

So, seriously, does he not pay attention to himself or his own site?  And how they whore themselves for links constantly?  Not that I am one to defend Kotaku (because they are pretty horrible) but really, within hours of Patron Saint of Embarrassing Gamers Jim “Trenchbloat” Sterling posting this little stupid misinformed rant about another site (a site, which, by the way, in doing this is implicitly acknowledging that maybe there is more to life than FUCKING VIDEOGAMES), his own site posts this.

Now, one could say that, “Well, that happened at the Consumer Electronics Show” but you know what?  That show is not ABOUT FUCKING VIDEOGAMES either.

So basically, yes, fuck you Destructoid for even existing and continuing to perpetuate the stupid bullshit of gamer culture and entitlement.  And a special fuck you to Jim Sterling for continuing to breathe.

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