“Epic” embarassment…”for the win”. Where the fuck to start w

Posted on January 3, 2011

“Epic” embarassment…”for the win”.

Where the fuck to start with this?

Nothing yields more embarrassing acts of gamer stupidity quite the same way that sex does.  It’s not hard to understand.  Gamers are mostly male.  Men grouped together without women turn into misogynist pigs pretty easily.  And so any girl that comes along and plays games suddenly becomes worshipped as some sort of pure goddess, objectified into a holy grail of gaming goodness.

Which then causes more problems.

Because then said gamers inform said objectified gamer girl/grail of how “hot” she “is” on a regular basis, thus inflating her ego to the point where she can’t talk about anything but being “hot” and playing games, and somehow thinks this makes her a desirable person.  Sadly, for the gamers, it does.  And we get shit like this video.

Guess what, gamers?  It’s probably better for you and your girlfriend to be interested in different things!  This is part of being in a relationship.

Bonus embarrassments:

“Random wardrobe change…for the win! Hee hee hee,” she says.  I say “Fucking stop abusing the word random, you fucking embarrassing nerds!”

She calls her cat Leeroy Jenkins.  Leeroy FUCKING Jenkins.  You named your pet after a fucking WoW Youtube meme.  I bet your cat wants to murder you and feast on your rotting corpse.

And then there was this.

Credit to geinou.  You can thank him for this.

UPDATE (oh shit): Check out this post.  Yeah, she was on The Tester, season 2. See her cast video here as “War Princess”.  ”Nothing bad has ever come out of me gaming,” she says.  Oh, I beg to differ.

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