July 13, 2011

Screw Attack Find Out What Is More Embarrassing Than E3

June 16, 2011


You know what might be more embarrassing than the shit shown at E3?  Gamers talking about the shit shown at E3.  Endless debates over who “won” (it’s a fucking giant advertising event for expensive and completely impractical toys; nobody who isn’t heavily invested in like five giant companies wins at all) compete with silly retrospectives […]

Always Bet On Shitty Rape Jokes

June 15, 2011


In case you didn’t know, the Chinese Democracy of gaming, Duke Nukem Forever, has somehow managed to escape its way into the public, and it’s pretty horrible.  Reviews have complained about it being boring/playing like it was made in 1998/etc.  But they have also complained about this (skip to about 56 seconds in): Holy shit. […]

The Beginning Of What I Am Sure Will Be A Shitload Of Embarrassing E3 Shit.

June 7, 2011


E3 happened, and like all years that E3 happens in, we should be reminded of what a horrible embarrassing hobby we have.  I say this not out of any sense of personal shame, because fuck it, it’s my hobby and I will probably never fully stop doing it, but out of this desire that maybe, […]

Who Needs Love When You Can Have Videogames?

June 1, 2011


Reader and previous contributor RobotRocker gave me the image I posted on the Twitter recently, and sent the following explanation: This is it, we have finally found the most pathetic post on the internet [ed. for the moment, never underestimate them gamers]. Over at Eurogamer, they reposted a story from the Daily Mail regarding video […]

“How Can We Belittle EVERY Civil Rights Movement in One Fell Swoop AND Show Off Our Tech-Savvy Privilege at the Same Time?”

May 23, 2011


You know who really needs an advocate in the modern world?  People who have enough money to waste that they can throw it away on overpriced entertainment, but feel somehow they are oppressed in their ability to enjoy themselves properly.  These people have a RIGHT TO ENJOYMENT, don’t they? We really need to find some […]

Oh Shit, How Did This Happen?

May 16, 2011


Been awhile since I did one of these, eh? Somehow Jim Sterling figured out  how to keep making his shitty videos full of delusional crap in which he theoretically illuminates some aspect of gaming (which never needs to actually be illuminated) by spouting off his useless opinions on the matter and acting as if somehow […]